Simple resources for coaches & course creators to market their expertise on social media.
Hello, dialed-in strategy and implementation. Goodbye, feeling all over the place.

Here’s the real problem most group program coaches, course creators and digital product designers are experiencing right now...
They're lacking clarity in the exact messaging to use to attract their perfect buyers and how to choreograph a customer journey that keeps them coming back

They've created a business that takes way too much money, time, and energy to run. (“Not now, honey, I need to finish up a few things real quick.")

Expenses are increasing and they're now running a business that leaves too much month at the end of their money, and feelings of “Oh, crap, I need to launch something, and quick. Fingers crossed that people buy it.” (Rinse and repeat every month.)

And it gets even worse — and maybe for you, it gets even more personal... 

You’re frustrated with yourself for being so inconsistent and wishy-washy, and most importantly, for hearing yourself say over and over “well… there’s this thing I really WANT to do…”.
Give me a reluctant “yes” if this is where you’re at right now... 

You’ve seen all the strategies, and sure, they all sound good — but you’re completely overwhelmed by all the things you could do, so, you end up doing NOTHING.

You’re questioning your niche, your expertise and doing way too much with multi-passionate multi-tasking. (“Hi, my name is Allie, and I have like four businesses.” ←literally me a few years ago.)

You’ve seen this whole "Internet business thing" work so simply for other people (🙋‍♀️) — but you wonder what you’re doing wrong, what it is you're missing, why it hasn’t yet clicked for you, and you’re feeling a bit panicky that you might never figure it out. ("I guess I’m just not cut out for that passive income life." - Psshh, all lies you're telling yourself, btw.)

Despite all of your best intentioned work, you're bouncing between tabs and realizing that you just found yourself logged back on to Facebook (how did I even get here?), you’re spending more time numbing out, scrolling and getting no real TRACTION anywhere.
You’ve played around with digital products, courses, or group programs — you know you had something valuable to offer, but the messaging, copy, and strategy felt WEAK, at best...and your sales, well, didn’t go so well.

Or you spent weeks (or months!) designing a product and then flaked on yourself when it came time to actually launch it.

(No.... the "I'll just list this in my marketplace and hope they binge-buy everything I've ever created" method doesn't actually work.

Does it ever feel too complicated?
Do you wish someone would just hand you all of the pieces, show you the way AND give you all of the exact tools you need to actually identify and create customers out of your perfect people — in less time, without all the hassle?

You don't have to go about it alone.

Turns out... I KNOW A THING OR TWO ABOUT GENERATING BIG MONEY MONTHS ONLINE... and helping thousands of digital entrepreneurs do the same.
For the last two years I’ve been building a life that feels a little like a fairy tale at times. 

 And I want to hand you the keys to the castle. 

Because... this ^^. 

I work around 20 hours a week and I'm in the process of cutting that down to JUST EIGHT hours per week. 

Is this possible for you, too? Heck yes, it is. 

But it’s time for you to decide what you really want, because I've got the secret. 

You wanna know what it is? ... Come a little closer and I'll share.
The “secret” is not just bouncing from launch to launch, or even making more revenue... it's based on a just four simple rinse and repeat principles.


Perhaps you want your bank account to have more commas than you can spend even if you went to Target, your favorite boutique, or your local bougie coffee house on the daily so you never have to dread your credit card's statement balance emails.

Or spend more time doing what it is you really love, whether that’s time with your family, learning how to finally play the guitar or build that awesome board and batten you’ve been eyeing on your favorite Instagram DIY decor accounts, vacationing around the globe, and/or never missing your favorite hot yoga class or Peloton ride - you decide.

Or even if you're ready to step into your NEW favorite position (CEO, obviously), and stop trying to validate your business desires and dreams with your partner.

If you want to know that all of your late nights and all of the agonizing over your dream business was worth it - I'm here to tell you that it was... or it will be.

Just know that whatever you want is within your reach right now…

And you don't have to sacrifice your personal life, relationships, your health OR your peace of mind to grow and sale your business.

And you certainly don’t have to do it alone.

Simple resources for coaches & course creators to market their expertise on social media.

A membership for online entrepreneurs who want to become the go-to-expert in their industry and build a business that funds their rich life. It’s all possible with the fundamentals — your ads, sales funnels, digital products, and visibility.

As a Member You'll Get Instant Access To The Checklists, Templates, and Trainings You Need To GET MARKETING DONE.

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Here's a quick preview of the October 2021 Trello Board...
A curated collection of 30+ Stock Photos
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10 Promo Templates
A 3-slide Behind the Scenes Story Template Set
...and so much more!

And that's just the monthly Trello board! Don't forget the custom learning path with even more templates, scripts, swipe files, training and workshops...
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Frequently Asked Questions
How much does it cost?

Your investment in The Rich Life Lab is $47 per month or $517 for an annual membership.

Do you offer refunds?
Because this is a digital membership, we don't offer refunds. If you’re not ready to go 100% all-in, we suggest the monthly plan, which you can cancel at any time. (To cancel, please allow 14-days notice before your next billing date.)

Who is a good fit for membership?

If you have big dreams with a purpose, The Rich Life Lab can help you get there -- on your terms. It is possible to become a millionaire and make an impact, without the hustle that breaks so many entrepreneurs down.

You can have a business that supports you, energizes you, and makes an impact on the world. You can have the team and structure that lets you check-out for weeks at a time, to finally write that book, to go off the grid in the mountains, or take a creative retreat at a lush Airbnb. Or just have the absolute freedom to pack up and run off to the beach with your kids on a random Wednesday, or whenever the heck you want. (Guilt free.)

Bottom line: If you’re ready for a truly RICH business and life, without sacrificing your health, wellbeing, or family time, you’re a perfect fit for The Rich Life Lab.
Can I cancel at any time?

If you choose the monthly payment option, you’re free to cancel your membership at any time. However, please notify us at least 14 days before your next billing date to avoid being charged for the next month. We won’t make it complicated. Just email us at to cancel.
What do I get with my Rich Life Lab membership?

The Rich Life Lab was created by me, Allie Bjerk, a Minnesota wife and mom, who built a multi-7-figure business from my laptop with 3 kiddos underfoot. My place is right beside you. As you grow and as I grow, we’ll walk together.
There are no gurus here -- just proven, practical, and realistic business and life strategies. All of the content is based on four supporting pillars: 
Money, strategy, mindset, and lifestyle.

Our focus is on helping you be your best in your business and your life, and we know that means something different for each of us. We don’t preach one-right-way. We help you find your right way. 
Is the Tiny Offer® Lab included in membership? 

Inside the Rich Life Lab Membership I don't teach about Tiny Offers, the TO strategies and system or ads, but there is an overlap of some of the marketing strategies and time management principles. Tiny Offer Lab is still the best place to learn about all things Tiny Offers and everything they can do for your business. The membership is more about how to position yourself as an expert through your marketing.

Although I will teach about my Tiny Offer strategy inside the membership, the Tiny Offer Lab is a separate program and is not included with membership.


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